Late into the history of planet Earth, humanity had learned to harness nearly all of the power from its host star. But it wasn’t enough. There was never enough power, there never could be. Humanity’s greed knew no bounds. So humanity put all of its best scientists into a room to solve the energy crisis once and for all. They came up with a plan, an amazing plan, to birth a second sun. A second sun, of course, the answer to all of our energy problems. Why with a second sun, a second Dyson sphere could be constructed, and additional power could be harnessed. Until one rogue scientist put into motion a minor technical flaw that would change everything.

As history reflects, there was no second sun, only what is now known as The Great Burning. A chain reaction that, for a brief moment, produced indeed enough energy to satisfy the hunger of humanity. It also, unfortunately, burned away a great deal of what had once been called home. Thus, the remaining members of the human race set to the stars forever.

Burning Stars